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人性使人失去童年 World bcome cruel

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
y nowday ppl crazy until killing their children within their own personal reason?? y so cruel?? the kids are innocent and pity, they nd ppl to take care, anxious n uneasy; n not wan 2 decrease ur load and responsibilities n killing ur own sons or daughters without thinking about the criminal?last time got 1 news about parents kill their 3 children 1 time shoot n wanna kill themselves 2gether bcos the loan frm the "ahlong", when they afta drank the poison n felt uncomfortable n pain inside body tat they called 999 to recused, they r din thinking bout the children when drank the poison n wat they felt r??nowdays got 1 widow bcos of her lover n kill her daughter, not juz tat the widow n tat lover separate the little gal body into 5 n burn, afta tat throw it in few different place...y the world is totally change into cruel?? where the ppl main behaviour?? where can find it n where can buy it??