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drink with friends at sweet chat on saturday

Sunday, March 22, 2009
I met friends to had a drink at Berjaya TimeSquare on Saturday. I order a glass of LIME TWIST to enjoying and my friends had order BANANA PANCAKE and MANGO MOUNTAIN......at the same, lobby of the TimeSquare still having the game launching event have been running since Thursday. The function is coorperation with Gameloft, Asiasoft, Hotlink and others, promotion buying the e-cash for the online game and purchase handphone minigame by using hotlink credit in phone. Unlucky, I'm using DIGI........haizz.......
Watchman Cosplay
Cute Dragon


Tuesday, March 17, 2009
《清明》- 杜牧

《清明》- 王禹俏


recently got someone innocence said me STUPID and CHILDISH, wow....this kinds of words long time no people said it for me already. Ya..... i'm childish, so what again?? Can or not?? Like that got a lot stupid and childish around the world, so grate and happy got people stupid and childish together with me.

Better than someone no listened to the elderly and hold what he right, ya....that is once of the good characteristic but not in all situation that called stubborn, if too much already is called stupid, idiot, is SHIT...... because elderly more experience than ours that should be listen from them although they are wrong also cannot fight back. The people like that will hard survive in this complicated social world, can that someone alive?? I want when the someone still stubborn like that and fight with managers, and know what of the situation later. HATED.......

Dragon Ball Evolution

Friday, March 13, 2009
Hohoho.....Dragon ball real human version, this movie's story line is totally different with the exact anime but it is a nice movie. Some of the story got follow the original story like piccolo come to revenge but it do not birth the little piccolo. And the original story, the old piccolo is kill by Goku when Goku still as a kid. In this movie QiQi and Bunma are very sexy. Master Roshi?? hahaha.....still very lascivious, collect all the sexual magazine and in this movie he do not wear the turtle shell. This movie just got a part I'm felt dissappinted that is the ShenLong(Dragon), it is too small..........the original one is very very large and long until can cover the sky.

Overall of this movie is okie, when hope so much for that and you will feel it very nice. Dragon Ball Evolution and the Street Fighter: The legend of the Chun Li, I think Dragon Ball is much more better. Story line will not bored for everyone(All is my comment).

so happy and grateful...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
On this Monday, I woke up from bed very late cause I'm not feeling well, my eyes turn in red and getting heavy flu. As usual, wake up from bed and the first thing must be switch on my lovely computer to check out my mail and the forum. That of cause will having a brunch to energy myself. Suddenly, got one foreigner calling my dad name and ask about my grandpa. I felt so weird at the time and ask more detail from that foreigner, after that only know the woman is my dad step elder sister(same father difference mom). I dunno wanna felt happy or not, cause she never find my dad around 40 years since my grandpa pass-away. She talk with my dad for a long time and know the second step uncle already pass-away also and the elder uncle migrant to Australia long time ago. Really really is a rare visitor.....

This blog i open for almost 3 years already, but I'm seldom update for the new. Last post is the Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li, I'm very thank for the comments, although I dunno who replied for that. Actually I open this blog last time is to scream out what I'm anger , sad and some supper into a short poem or some phases(IN CHINESE). Recently I blog in English cause need fulfillment some satisfaction. I'm so happy got people always go through this lousy blogger's blog.

Street Fighter : The Legend of Chun Li

Sunday, March 8, 2009
Chun li : acting by kristin kreuk, is my favor artist since i watched the smallville at the year 2002. in this movie she act as Chun Li, her father kidnaped by Bison and killed by Bison's follower Balrog. Chun Li go to thailand learn the martial art from Gen to have a revenge.
Gen : Robin Shou. Master of Martial Art. He teach Chun Li how to fight properly and use the aura. He is a leader of the Gang spider to help the poor and he also help Chun Li to fight with the Bison.

Nash : Chris Klien. He is a interpol. This character is very dissappointed people in this movie, totally different with the exact anime.
Bison : Neal McDonough. He also called M.Bison. At the Street Fighter, Bison is act the main enemy of this story. This story is talk about Bison haven't become a cybot so he no have any special skill like aura and fly.Barlog : Michael Clark Duncan. The main follower of Bison. He is a great boxer and have a special strength to spoil every things.

Vega : Taboo. This is the one very very very and very dissappointed character. Vega actually is a very handsome guy with long hair. He light like a squirrel and special claw skill. But in this movie can't see about that.
Catana : Josie Ho Chiew Yee.....Follower of the Bison.

For this movie is ok for me. Just the character got dissappointed people.

Just back from Neway

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2nd day of the March in 2009, my friends invited me go to the Neway karaoke to having a enjoying night. Actually is already promised since the 1st of January and said wanna have a karaoke time initial days of every months. Today i went out from the house around 7.15pm to Timesquare and reached there around 7.35pm, so we direct went to the gaming at the 6th floor because the karaoke time was booked at 8pm. When 8pm, we check-in for the room and having a great buffet time there. Sing and sing and sing until sorethroat, the time already 1am....after that paid the bill and back home.