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replaced new phone

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My favorite Nokia 6233 had been used for 2 years, but in the messy situation and stolen by someone. At the time, i never felt scared and nervous. I did not think anythings and any excuses to my parents. When I home, I directed said I lost my phone at the bus cause this this this that that that.....and I felt weird after that, when the calmness came out for the particular time. Just want to say "HOLY SHIT, BULLSHIT BASTARD".......

I finished my dinner and shower, I called my friend and fetch me to service centre to replaced back my sim card and belove number. When I take back the sim card and realised my credit had been used by the PICKPOCKET....really pissed me off at the time......

I felt that no handphone like lost all the contact with my friend, and go out to somewhere else also a trouble and inconvenient when my friends need to find me. The feeling like broken a arm, nothing can do.During the boring and lost contact Saturday, I just stay at home and waiting for call from my friend because scared for miss up some important calls.

The Sunday began, my dad suddenly invited me and my mom went to carrefour to bought some grocery for daily basis. After reached there, I saw the phone like above MotoRAZR V6 maxx in price RM499 by the promotion day. The phone I wanted to buy when I bought the missing phone, I made the decision to sacrificed the V6 maxx. Now I bought for it and the aspiration last 2 years come true even the phone's model is getting drop behind but I'm not regret.

My Handphone Evolution
1. Erricson T768 - mangled
2. Mitsubishi Trium Eclipse - mangled
3. Erricson T100 - mangled
4. Nokia 3315 - lost by sister
5. Nokia 2600 - sold
6. Motorola L6 - mangled
7. Nokia 6233 - had been stolen
8. Motorola RAZR V6 maxx - current