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Others mean for Birthday

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Birthday or day of birth, my birthday is coming soon...haha....At the is not talk about my birthday, and i think everybody will very happy in that day also. Actually what so happy?? What purpose to celebrate the birthday?? for fun?? for happy?? or for older one year?? The day for me is nothing special, also is a normal day. I seldom to celebrate for my birthday, three or four i think got. The other year, i just stay at home and do nothing. One of the reason is I don't like someone do something special for me and I will felt shy for the situation. Received birthday present is very one especially the mp3 player gifted by college friends.

At the day of birth, everybody also forgot something important. We should have a great celebrate party for your mom because the day is the most painful during her life and she scarifice alot of spirit and time on our body and she never hope we can pay back to her. Mother is a great person in this world. Not only the mother's day and mom's birthday only giving some special to her, at the normal day we can help her to sweeping and mopping the floor, wash dishes, clean the things around the house. Although it is nothing special but your mom will feel some warming into her heart.

Our Birthday is our mother's day also. Remember don't just happy yourself on your birthday, please concern about the contribution of our mother.

renovated room floor and clean pc table....

Sunday, May 10, 2009
This is the picture show the floor already renovated from the original calcareous floor. The view is more better than last time and also more softness, it is good for the little kids and fall down will not felt pain. Actually the floor is renovated by my sister boyfriend and he gifted as a mother's day present.