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Thursday, November 27, 2008
this 2 kinds of illness is really suffering people....

gastric....since this monday it come again, maybe because of the ipoh white coffee....make me cannot take the coffee, spicy and creamy food for temporary, my favor nasi lemak cannot be eat.....(ah......).luckily i went out with my little brother, if not i dunno how when the gastric make me pain at the time, he take me to mcD and rest, i just eat a little franch fries only.

allergic.....also is my once of the illness.....nose and skin....i cannot clean the place full of the dirt, it will make me "ah chew" all the time(the word copy by jj). the skin problem more terrible, i cannot eat the crab at all, crab will make my skin very itchy. i still remember 3 years ago when i was a wiring worker, i and colleagues to add few road lamp at maybank tower, suddenly got a unknown flying species and bited me and made me whole body come out the red dots and very itchy.

although i like spicy, coffee and seafood but forced to dun take so much, and cannot go to play the public water park(important is got a sifu said i cannot go to play water out of my house, if not will have accident). so i will not follow anyone go for the water world......

风云 - Storm Rider

Tuesday, November 25, 2008
all the story of this Storm Rider is start from "金麟岂是池中物,一遇风云便化龙" this word means "kylin can be own, meet the wind and cloud will become a king" and "成也风云,败也风云" means "success because wind and cloud, lose also because wind and cloud" said by dirt buddha(泥菩萨). (wind = nie feng 聂风, cloud = bu jing yun 步惊云).the movie had been by Aaron kwok and E-kin cheng and the latest animation movie had change all the story from the original but still the best.

the thing different with the original:
1. kylin is kill by cloud
2. 无双剑 "the only sword" was broken before took the 绝世好剑 "the best sword"
3. "the best sword" is taken from the 拜剑山庄 "pray sword village" and not make by 霍家庄 "huo family"(cloud family)
4. 英雄剑 "hero sword" got 2 .....and own by different people, one is 无名 "no name", the another hero sword was broken because fight with both sword with each others.
5. wind should be blind one eye because he betray the 雄霸 "xiong ba" and xiong ba hurt his eye till blind.
6. 火麟剑 "kylin sword" is own by 傲决"ao jue" not xiong ba.
this only can list.....

i waiting for the next movie come out for year 2009........

how to optimize and enhance the performance with the nice graphic in wins xp

Monday, November 24, 2008

i using the windows 7 theme for my windows xp and also change all the icons to replace my current one. like that will make the windows lag n some time will make pc keep on delay. so here will teach how to enhance the performance and keep the current layout.

1. try to disabled all the function on the start menu(red number 1)
* bcos it will make the windows loading slow when login the windows
2. try to minimize the start-up program(red number 2)
* if many program active when login the windows will delay the time. can use msconfig to closed the useless program
3. try using 8start software to group the software needed(red number 3)
* its functions almost same like start menu but its will not start-up when the program login so will not make the windows delay time.
4. try to do the defragmentation every month and scan ur pc......rearrange the file to make the harddisc running smooth...
5. try to clear all the useless file from ur pc.....can using the ccleaner software....


Friday, November 21, 2008
what the hell service provided recently???

1. speed slow
2. always disconnect
3. service slow
4. blocked torrent

really pissed off already......
is it the monopoly market made the service like this......
what the hell......
all the people called it TMNUT SCREAMYX is exactly correct one.

Meow Meow on the board.....

see the meow meow or not??? pretty or not???
this meow meow can buy from Jusco and price also very nice(rm53.90).....
only can say meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow......

Jusco also got small meow meow......little meow meow also wanna rm22.90....

i hope got someone can buy 1 for me......i really like the cat.....hehe.....

actually this topic really bored, cos i dunno what can post for the updated.....

meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow

Appreciating(Idea from JJ)

Thursday, November 20, 2008
i want know how come all writing the blog so touching ah?? i read JJ blog just now, i felt wanna borrow her topic(this is benchmarking to do the best practice, not copyrighted, and cannot has been sue with THE COPYRIGHTED ACT 1997)......

so i also take this advantage to voice out my experiences and opinions during this degree program. i know alot of friends during, most of the friends always ask for eat, drink and fun, i know almost everyone also got this experience lah.....i got a friends really wanna said thank you since i know him, for me he not the best among my friend, he only the can ask for do anything, i remember CNY few years ago, i go karaoke with someone until midnight, at the time no more transportation can take for home, so i called him, at the time he rush out from his house and sent me back. have a friend like this is my luck(my mom also said like this and ask me to appreciate for this friendship).

now, i wanna talk about the degree program, i want to thank for few people helped me alot that is MR MOON, JANNA, SUKH and KAR WEI. mr moon i know him since diploma but we seldom met and talk with each other, he is the first person will know my problems when i faced negative situation. he is a good listener and advisor during my most upset period (when faced internal problem and felt wanna quit the study) can said bring me out from the gray world turn into color back, hehehe....thank you so much. then now wanna story about janna, at the first i know her, she giving alot negative feedback(so sorry for janna), like when doing assignment, she won't accept other people ideas and advices, show the EGO herself and intelligence herself. so at the time, want to communicate with her was so HARD (is DF hard, hehe...), so that time i forced to learn and get on practise until now, nowadays i still using the un-proper english also, thank you for pressuring me to grown up with the communication skills. SUKH, hohohoho......when at the first class for degree, he is the only SINGH in the class and if not mistake im the first person try to communication with him(do u remember?), at the first, he giving me a bad image(always delay the assignment and pass-up late), and now, he showing his hardwork in many areas, he can multi-task with the proper planning, he helped me alot in the assignment(especially, he always correct people un-proper language, that is he special), i still remember, he helped me to check and correct for my business law assignment(mr moon also had involved). the last person is kar wei ( SHARON, name recently, memorising DF good. wakakakaka.......), she has a best study behavior in the class(4 flat student), and she always dancing when presentation. although she is a top student in class but she never and ever showing the ego to others(hope she can talking slowly and don't tension herself so much).

i want take this advantage to thank for the teachers and lecturers during my life, is they to bright up my future road to more further(hope i can helped others to thank you also). i will appreciated what im getting from them.

i think this passage is the most longer im writing before(not included in chinese, because my chinese is DF good, wakakaka.....take the chance to show off) all of this what im story about is direct from my heart(true and appreciate), hope they can received it.......A word hard to decribe the feeling, anyway, the only sentence i can say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH..........

bad friend (hard feeling)

Sunday, November 16, 2008
why got people can talking something without thinking properly to hurting someone?? i dunno that accidently or purposely, this kind of movement will make a lot people hate and run away. maybe they never faced the worst situation like hungry without food, poor like beggar and family accident in the hospital, that i faced before when i was a kid. that situation can said hard staying alive be a human......maybe they felt that is a funny things when they try cheating, lying betraying and hurting someone, is it they dunno what is TRUST and HONEST for?? like that people will believe and trust again what they said?? is it wanna faced the worst situation only know how to appreciated what we had now(friend). why i always can be cheat easily?? because i trust and believe that all people is treat me as true friend and will not preventing time by time as enermy, that maybe im doing wrong for that and maybe i should try protect myself to avoiding happen again.....but dunno why i can't do that, i still hoping can have forever in the friendship.......

My Stefanie Sun Albums.....since 2000 until now......

Friday, November 14, 2008
1. Stefanie Sun 1st Album 同名专辑
2. My Happiness 我要的幸福
3. Kite 风筝
4. Start 自选集
5. Leave
6. To Be Continue... 未完成
7. The Moment
8. Stefanie
9. Perfect Day 完美的一天
10. Against The Light 逆光

special album 经典全纪录
*My Story Your Song

Finally can get whole set NEW PC......

alphabet - sign language

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Tuesday, November 11, 2008
How ever a person hardwork and tension about in a work or job, at the finally also can't get the 100% in the harvest. Be honest to do a thing will not get the good result, some more will get the worst ever seen. But never try to do also dunno the what will getting, do already will felt very very disappointed for the result. Some time try the best to do some things, at the final only can get 30% harvest what suppose to get the better result. Only one word can describe the feeling, that is SAD.....