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Great day

Friday, April 10, 2009
Sukhbir Birthday cake

First time get the higher points in bowling

Wear Towel Play Bowling....Funny SINGH

Don't Abandon Yourself, I Love Life....

Thursday, April 9, 2009



It is something cannot buy and exchange for, but still has a lot of people abandon and neglect the important of life. Sacrifice yourself not just only hurting yourself and also will hurting your parents and friends. Frustration not the reason for give up your life, and don't simply hurting yourself and that is the power of encourage. Breathing and still living is only hope for the future. Please appeal and awaken yourself to cherish you are still breathing. Give the opportunity to helping and caring each other before you are too late, because some of people aspire for living longer but no have chances already.

"Safe Your Life, Don't Abandon Yourself, I Love Life"


它是一个不能以金钱或物品可以所交换的, 但是偏偏又有很多人却放弃了自己和忽略了生命的重要.。牺牲自己不只是伤害了自己, 那也伤害了你的家人和朋友。受到挫折不是放弃自己的一个原因, 而是一个鼓励的力量和推动力。 正在呼吸和生存着是未来的一个希望。请呼吁和唤醒自己去珍惜自己还活着。趁早给自己一个机会去帮助和关心别人,因为有人渴望生存的机会也没有。


watched Fast and Furious 4 twice in a week

Sunday, April 5, 2009
hahaha......long time didn't watched twice for a same movie already. Recently I watched Fast and Furious 4 in a week twice, and some more I watched for free in both also. I watched twice also in the same hall and same row, first time is hall 1 h10 on Thursday 2.40pm, second time is hall 1 h15 on Saturday 9.40pm(my friends cannot rush for it so I went replaced). Since Year 2009 January until now, this is the movie I felt the best in temporary. If comparing with the The Fast and The Furious : Toyko Drift, it will show not really good for the story because less of racing part already and less luxury car and modified car also. This movie I need wait for the original vcd or dvd to buy because I already had a collection from episode 1 to 3, so this will be my next collection too. Overall of this movie is quite good, 8/10 points i give.